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Secure payment with blockchain. Both your money and your wallet are safe.

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As soon as your order is confirmed, followers, views and likes will be sent instantly according to the package you have chosen.

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You can reach us on whatsapp or telegram whenever you want 24/7, every day of the week.

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Why should I trust Crypto Follower?

Crypto Follower offers its customers a truly smooth and reliable service. You can understand this from the satisfaction of hundreds of thousands of customers who order from our site. There are no payment options such as credit or debit cards on our site, we only accept payments via blockchain. This ensures that your money and blockchain wallets are safe.

Are Followers Real Users?

From our site to your account, you can quickly and smoothly attract followers on the platform you want. Whether the sent followers are bots or real users depends on the package you choose. You can buy bot followers or real active followers from the Instagram product page. This is entirely up to your will.

How Long Is the Delivery Time of My Orders?

You can start the purchasing process by choosing one of hundreds of different packages by using the buy followers option on our website. In this process, after you make the payment, the delivery process of the package you receive begins. The experienced staff of our website starts the delivery process quickly according to the service you receive and the number of services. This process may vary by service and number. Our staff usually informs our customers by confirming your order within an hour. After your order is confirmed, shipping begins. The speed of delivery may also vary depending on the package you receive. It is usually completed within 6 hours.

Do I Need To Give A Password?

All the services provided by our site take place in a very secure environment. Unlike many fake sites, we only ask for the information necessary for the service to take place. We only ask for your username to find out which account we will send the followers you will buy using the Buy followers option.

As in other services, we do not need the account passwords of our customers in the purchase of followers, and we do not ask for passwords. In the process of buying followers, there is no harm to your account and followers are defined in a healthy environment.

Do You Provide After Sales Support?

Our website serves for all social media sites. These sites have many different services, especially likes, comments and followers. All the services you will receive with the Buy Followers service are not limited to the purchase.
It continues to serve all of our customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, even after the service is completed in all the services you will receive from our site. Our expert team provides all kinds of after-sales support. Again, all kinds of problems that may occur in guaranteed packages are resolved by our technical staff in a short time.

My Follower Count Is Declining What Should I Do?

Another problem that is frequently experienced in social media sites is the decrease in the number of followers. In some cases, people’s followers drop periodically or quickly. The biggest reason for this is that there are bot followers.
Bot trackers are installed within a certain software and are not under our company’s warranty. Bot followers can be long-lived depending on some luck. If you do not want the number of followers in your account to decrease, it is recommended to purchase real followers from the Buy followers from our website services.
These followers are one of the services offered by our company under warranty. In case of a decrease in the number of followers, our site will compensate.

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