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Who We Are?

Crypto Follower is a prominent brand in the social media world. We are an online platform that specializes in providing followers, views, and likes on popular platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Snapchat.

What sets Crypto Follower apart? Firstly, we focus on helping our customers achieve their social media growth goals. We provide them with a real and engaging follower base, allowing their accounts to gain more visibility and increase their popularity.

However, we don’t just stop at increasing follower counts. We offer our customers organic growth strategies. In other words, we assist them in growing their accounts by engaging with real and relevant users. As their follower count increases, their posts receive more likes and comments, making their accounts even more popular.

We have established our credibility in the industry through thousands of completed orders and positive feedback from our customers.

The privacy and security of our customers are paramount to us. Therefore, we only accept payments in cryptocurrency on our website. This ensures the protection of our customers’ personal and financial information. Through our privacy policy, we provide trust and guarantee that their data is secure.

The thousands of completed orders and positive feedback from our customers demonstrate the effectiveness of our services. We contribute to the organic growth of our customers’ accounts and deliver the desired results.

Collaborating with us offers numerous advantages. You can enjoy flexible working hours and manage your own business. We support your professional development and provide training opportunities for advancing your career. Additionally, we create a warm working environment where you feel valued.

Influencer Collaboration Program

  • Crypto Follower collaboration program is a program that allows content producers to earn commissions from product sales by sharing our products on any platform they want (Story, Reels, Post, Tweet, Tiktok Video, Facebook Post). Thus, as Crypto Follower, we aim to increase our sales. And in doing so, we want content creators to make money.

  • 1- Exclusive Coupon Code for You:
    The system works as follows; If you apply for the Collaboration program we will provide you with a unique coupon code. This coupon code will be valid for 6 months. If there are sufficient sales within 6 months, the coupon code’s duration will be extended. You or your followers can use this coupon code to make purchases on our website. Every purchase made with your coupon code will offer customers a 10% discount. You will earn a commission of up to 15% based on the discounted sale price.

  • 2- Product Example and Earnings:
    For example, the price of our “TikTok 1 Million Followers” product is $18,900. Customers who use your provided coupon code will be able to purchase this product for $17,010 with a 10% discount. As a result, you will earn a commission of up to $2,552, which is 15% of the discounted sale price.

  • 3- Payments and Schedule:
    Your earnings will be sent to your blockchain wallet in dollar-indexed cryptocurrencies (USDT, USDC, BUSD) on a weekly basis, every Saturday. We only accept payments in cryptocurrencies, as we care about the privacy and economic security of our customers. And we send their fees in dollar-denominated cryptocurrencies (USDT, USDC, BUSD) to content producers who apply to our program.

  • 4- Content Freedom:
    You can share content on any platform (story, reels, tweet, video, snap, etc.) whenever you want.
    You have complete freedom over your content.
    We will only send you the commission fee when a purchase is made with your coupon code.
    To help Influencers applying to our program, we will send our sample ads such as Story and Reels. Influencers are free to share or not share the content we post.

  • 5- Required information to apply:
    We do not require any documents from people who want to apply for our program. They only need to send their Name, Surname and Blockchain USDT (Tron/TRC20) wallet addresses. We will send weekly her/his fees to this wallet address.

  • 6- Link and Website:
    Content creators whose applications are accepted. They should direct their followers to crypfollower.com/platforms . You can have information about all our products by visiting this page.

  • Candidates interested in applying for our affiliate program should click the button below and send us a message saying “I WANT TO APPLY.” We will get back to them shortly.

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